“Divine Light Alchemy” Epic
December & Beyond To Remember Program

“Divine Light Alchemy” Magical & Epic 

“December & Beyond To Remember” Program

We have just entered the most potent manifesting portal of the year!

The Infinite Universal Cosmos has gifted us the perfect time and space to create and launch our dreams and desires.  

This Sacred window between 12-12 and 12-21, provides a field of Divine Infinite Potential, and
IF you choose to participate and play in the accelerated space you can manifest above & beyond whatever you could have imagined.    

At this magical time, we are all being encouraged to ‘let go’ of our past and create new realities in our lives. Whatever we initiate during the 12-12 – 12-21 Divine Light Alchemical Accelerated Stargate will ripple into the quantum field of all possibilities.

Through Divine Intervention, my “December & Beyond to Remember Program” starts on 12-17 and my intention is to have everyone that chooses to join the program, cleared, reintegrated, and aligned with the flow Universal Source Power, by 12-21, to insure that you are open to receive 100% Infinite Potential.  

You are invited to join me for the most Epic Program I have ever created or offered.  

This is not only a “Divine Light Alchemy” Quantum Vortex Session, it has grown into an amazing 22 day program, filled with new healing & clearing, techniques and processes, along with my own New Divine Light Alchemy Quantum Healing System. All divinely designed to not only prepare you for the 12-21 “Divine Light Alchemical Accelerated” Stargate but go Beyond into 2019.   

This Unique Quantum Multidimensional “Divine Light Alchemy” Program begins on December 17, 2018 and continues through January 7, 2019.  I promise to provide you with an Epic program, filled with my signature Debi Rose Divine Light Alchemy, beyond what you could ever have imagined.

Also, if you sign up before Midnight December 16, you can lock in and receive incredible discount pricing too!

December & Beyond To Remember Program Details 

This Program Includes:
One 60 minute call/session
22 days of Amazing Divine Light Alchemy Quantum Clearings, Processes & Transmissions  
Divine Light Alchemy “Accelerated” Healing Transmissions
Divine Light Alchemy Manifesting Pyramid  
A Personal Bio-resonance Remedy
Releasing Timeline Regrets & Traumas
Energetic cleansing of your environment.
Auric Field, check, mend & repair. 
New Complete Chakra Clearing, Balancing & Release of Energetic Blockages.
New Complete Meridian Clearing & Balancing.
New Yin Yang Elements Clearing & Balancing.
New Spiritual Detox & Balancing
New Clearing Harmful Remote Viewers, Radionics, Holographic Inserts
& World Wide Manipulation & Darkness
Freedom From & Releasing Any Contracts You May Have with Demons
And then the “Whatever else Category” I’m Divinely Guided to do.


Divine Light Alchemy Accelerated Prep for 12-21-18 Solstice    

Once you sign up for this program, I will schedule your session ASAP. My intention is that you will have received your clearing,
so you are integrated and aligned to being at 100% Infinite Potential to receive all of the benefits you will receive during
“Divine Light Alchemical Accelerated Stargate” on 12:21.

I will also be doing additional Divine “Accelerated” Light Alchemy Healing Transmissions listed below.

12-19-18 Divine “Accelerated” Light Alchemy Healing Transmissions to Receive the Flow of Abundance on all levels.
12-21-18 Divine “Accelerated” Light Alchemy Healing Transmissions for Solstice Stargate





Disentangling, Deleting & Releasing 2018 Energies  

The Transition between December and January is a time filled with a huge mix of emotions and energies.
I have always addressed this for myself and I feel is very important and a vital component to include for everyone.

Essentially, are you ready to Disentangle and Release everything that held you back in 2018? 

I will do an energetic scan of the main areas in your life and disentangle, delete and clear whatever blocked
or didn’t allow you to create or manifest your desires.  

Also, I will disentangle, delete & clear the cumulative effects of your 2018 emotions, reactions, sensations, traumas, illnesses, fears/phobias, limitations, karma, actions, choices, triggers, negative thoughts/experiences, misinformation, outside influences from the world collective or specific groups, ancestors, descendants, anyone and all of your misperceptions.   

The clock is ticking……2019 will be here at the blink of an eye. Let’s choose a new reality reset!   


A Personal “Divine Light Alchemy” Manifesting Pyramid  

A Divine Gift To Accelerate Your 2019 Intentions, Goals & Ultimate Liftoff. Throughout the program, I will be performing many processes to disentangle, clear, resolve & release any blocks. Next I will strengthen the geometric foundations of triads, pentagons, hexagons and octagons to prepare you for 2019. Once I receive your list of Intentions & goals for 2019, I will create your Etheric Holographic Template & New Holographic Grid Patterns and Placeholders from your specific list of what you want to achieve in 2019. Then your Personalized Sacred Symbol using my Divine Quantum Flower of Life Symbol, which is Programmed & Activated will be place into your own personal “Divine Light Alchemy” Pyramid. That will then run 24/7 like a software program addressing, balancing & aligning you to your specific new holographic grids and templates of what you would like to actualize in 2019.   http://dla-videos.s3.amazonaws.com/Dla%20Pyramid-evp.mp4  

“Divine Light Alchemy Accelerated” Healing Transmissions    

This is a very special part of the program & I enjoy tuning in to all of you, as I send this amazing energy from within
my “Divine Light Alchemy” Quantum Vortex Scalar Energy Chamber.

On the dates listed below you will receive a Divine Light Alchemy Accelerated Healing Transmission from me.
It is my intention that this extra Divine Energy will give everyone the extra energetic boost to actualize your desires into reality.

You are welcome to submit one short request that I will address for you during the Healing Transmission.

* Please Know, I am still in Divine Creation Mode and may be guided to add or change the dates.
Although, I have Planned & listed the dates, Spirit is ultimately in charge. 

Time: 7:00 pm EST 
Duration: Approx 30 to 45 minutes
Recommendations: If possible, just prior to the Transmission time, sit or lie down in a comfortable
position. Relax, enter your heart center & take several deep breaths.
Say the command: “I am connected to the Divine Light Alchemy Healing Chamber.”    
Invoke any of your spiritual beings that you work with and state your healing intention.
Then simply breathe and receive the healing energies I am transmitting.
It is not necessary, but if you want, you can say the following commands,
on your inbreath say “I allow” & on your outbreath say “I activate.”  
Remember to express your gratitude for all the blessings you have received at the end of the healing. 

Please know, if you are unable to be in a meditative state at the scheduled time, don’t worry,
you will still the healing energy.
I also set the intention to calibrate the healing energy transmission, so you will always receive
the most beneficial blessings.  

Also, remember to drink extra water during & after the transmission & activation.

I will also be doing the additional Divine “Accelerated” Light Alchemy Healing Transmissions listed below.

12-19-18 Divine “Accelerated” Light Alchemy Healing Transmissions to Receive the Flow of Abundance on all levels.
12-21-18 Divine “Accelerated” Light Alchemy Healing Transmissions for Solstice Stargate 

12-23-18 Divine “Accelerated” Light Alchemy Healing Transmissions 
12-24-2018 Christmas Eve Divine “Accelerated” Light Alchemy Healing Transmissions
Additional Dates May Be Changed or Added
12-31-2018 New Year’s Eve. Divine “Accelerated” Light Alchemy Healing Transmissions
1-1-2019 Divine “Accelerated” Light Alchemy Healing Transmissions Actualizing Your Intention – Abundance 
1-2-2019 Divine “Accelerated” Light Alchemy Healing Transmissions Actualizing Your Intention – Relationships
1-3-2019 Divine “Accelerated” Light Alchemy Healing Transmissions Actualizing Your Intention – Health
1-4-2019 Divine “Accelerated” Light Alchemy Healing Transmissions Actualizing Your Intention – Spiritual
1-5-2019 Divine “Accelerated” Light Alchemy Healing Transmissions Actualizing Your Intention – Environment  
1-6-2019 Divine “Accelerated” Light Alchemy Healing Transmissions Actualizing Your Intention – I Am/Divine Divinity  
1-7-2019 Divine “Accelerated” Light Alchemy Healing Transmissions Actualizing Your Intention – Divine Integration 

The transformational systems I use include what I believe and know are the most advanced spiritual, vibrational & multi-dimensional healing techniques, on the planet, each of them extremely incredible and powerful by themselves…
During The Transformations I will be tuning into your energetic soul blueprint, where I’m guided to choose from over 12 Healing and Clearing Modalities and apply whichever one will be the most effective for you.

I Invoke the “Divine Light Alchemy” Quantum Healing Symbol Activating the Dodecahedron within Metatron’s Cube.
I will be using Sacred Commands, Symbols & Geometric Matrices to disentangle, delete & release in a new dynamic way, which will strengthen & align you to “Infinite Potentials” you haven’t ever considered or imagined possible!


Let’s Start 2019 With A Clear Field Of Infinite Potential.

Join Me For the Most Epic Program I have ever Created & Offered.

The Discounted Price For This Program is $350.00

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