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Until recently, if I wanted to facilitate a clearing or healing on a money challenge, I would use one or more of the many different processes I’v learned to address the reason creating your blocks of money flow.

My signature style of clearing has always been a synergistic blending of the amazing spiritual healing systems & techniques I know which creates my Divine Light Alchemy Sessions.

Several years ago, while doing clearings in my Quantum Vortex Scalar Pyramid, I began being shown the programs & patterns I was clearing in fractals & matrices, and when I would clear a person’s chakras, I would perceive the energetic connections between two, three or more chakras. I was guided to do a totally different alchemical technique, that would disentangle, pull & release all of the dense energy from several chakras simultaneously, creating a more complete and dynamic way instead of clearing one chakra at a time.

I also contribute my new knowledge the Yuen Mastery Method training tele-clinics, books and information which gave a better understanding of the additional Triads, Hexagons, Octagons & Pentagons at the core of a issue disentangling, deleting & strengthening all of the primary.


Whenever doing a session with a client, for whatever health, money or relationship, issues or challenges, I rely on the many spiritual, vibrational and alternative systems I have learned over the years. However, before I do any of those other techniques, I start with  Yuen Method Triads, Hexagons, Octagons & Pentagons.

One of those is the Life Foundation Trinity, which includes Relationships and Money. Since it is very important to remain neutral, strengthen the core foundation components and most importantly realize “it is never what we think the problem is”.

We are a Divine Matrix and everything connected and corresponds with each other. A health issue may really have its’ primary weakness with money or a relationship with someone or something.

Everything in our Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Bodies is Divinely connected and which creates a dynamic matrix.



The Inner work is vital to resolving everything that is showing up in your present reality.







Financial Trinity

Transformational sessions with Debi Rose will change the way you perceive your reality forever. The advanced “Divine Light Alchemy” Quantum Vortex Clearings, Activations & Dynamic Coaching makes it possible to align you to having and receiving a life filled with Happiness, Joy and Harmony.

Relationship Trinity

Experience the Dramatic Changes Once All Limiting Thoughts From Others are Cleared and Released.

Health Trinity

Disentangling, Clearing All Past Life Programming, Limiting Patterns and Ancestral Karma Will Ensure You Achieve Success In All Areas of Your Life.

Let Down & Disappointment Trinity

Once All of Your Implants, Intrusions, J Seals, Zeta Seals, Are Cleared & Released Using The Sacred Activation AH Codes You will feel Greater Lightness and a new state of Being. The Sky’s the Limit For You To Achieve Your Desires.

Ready To Embrace The Life You Were Destined To Live?