With the passing of Robin Williams, depression is all over the news & social media.
I believe the light being brought to depression has the potential to be yet another gift
we receive from this very gifted soul.

My experience with the many vibrational & spiritual healing systems I work with, I know they can definitely help anyone struggling with depression.

When working with someone with any health issues, I have a long checklist to research, all of them being a possible root causes. Here is a list of a few that top the list:

1. Who does this really belong to?  
The first & one of the most important causes of any issue or challenge presented is determining if it is really theirs. We are all energy magnets and unconsciously take on other people’s thoughts feelings & emotions. I would also ask if anyone in their family suffered from the same condition. I see it all the time where a child growing up with a mother struggling with depression, will take on the habits, patterns & programming of depression. Also, it is extremely difficult to heal something that isn’t yours in the first place. There are completely different processes that deal with those.

2. Aura & Auric Field
Now I’m going to talk about why it is important that your Auric Field is strong.

I always scan to see if a client’s aura is healthy. If the aura is damaged, has any openings or portals, it could allow dark spirits, entities, or discordant energy to affect a person. A past client of mine had a weakness with alcohol, and when his aura & all categories of entities were cleared and released he no longer had the desire to visit the local bar. Apparently one of the entities was an alcoholic!

3. Past Life Soul Programming & Patterns.
My awareness that most of our current life dramas have roots in past life soul programs & patterns. It is a vital part of my sessions to research them to discover what the root cause a person has chosen to experience this challenge in this present life. There could be hundreds of past lives, all with their own energetic packages, that will contribute to a reactive energy that gets triggered by a person, place, certain age, or experience. Once we disentangle, delete, clear and remove all of them, the potential for a dramatic change in a person’s life is created.
I could go on with many more reasons & causes for any dramas, issues & challenges in a person’s life, due to the many years of experience with spiritual healings. I want to stress that seeking an alternative method to the traditional prescribed drug therapy, that only suppresses the symptoms, and choosing to discover the real root cause and clear it, will always be the choise that ultimately leads to complete healing and a reality filled with happiness.

May all of your life be filled with joy, ease & happiness.
Debi Rose

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