Chakras – Our Energy Centers

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Chakras,  Our Energy Centers

Chakras are energy centers that run from the base of your spine out the top, or crown, of your head. The word chakra is a Sanskrit word, meaning wheel or disc.

There are seven major chakras, each a circular wheel of light spinning in your energetic system, associated with certain body parts, a color, stone, element, and function. By learning to tune into the energy of your chakras, you can begin to embrace the fullness of who you truly are.

Chakras refer to the seven power points of life force in the human body that circulates energy. The meaning of the word ‘chakra’ is ‘wheel of light’ or ‘spinning wheel of energy’ in Sanskrit language. These seven important centers of energy are vertically aligned in the center of the body close to the spine.

These Chakras function like valves that regulate the flow of energy through our energy system. A proper balance in the Chakras is essential for our good health. If there is any blockage or imbalance in the chakras it can result in diseases and ill health.

The health or imbalances of these chakras have a direct affect on our well being. Their health keep provide us with incredible harmony, peace and happiness. We tend to feel complete in ourselves and people call us as “glowing”. At the other end of the island, when there is an over flow or deficiency of energies in the chakras, we are faced with many life threatening troubles. To know how these chakras affect our lives, here is a synopsis of true posts of the people from different parts of the world who undertook chakra healing process to balance their respective chakras.

For emotional and physical well being, Chakras must be clear of toxins and everyday debris.  There are a number of effective ways to keep your Chakras in good running order.  Take yourself through this exercise regularly and you’ll feel relaxed and clear.
We are all aware of the fact that there are 7 chakras in our body which rule, guide, function and manipulate our thoughts, actions and ideas. We just do not have the seven major chakras but accompanying them are millions of tiny chakras that are present in our body. These chakras regulate different parts of our body and personality; therefore, we cannot afford the imbalance of any chakra.