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Below I have provided a unique collection of Enlightenment & Empowering Documents, Tools, Quantum Sacred Geometry, and Spiritual Techniques I consider Divine Light Alchemy Empowerment Tools. 



Manifesting With The Divine Light Alchemy Quantum Healing Symbol – Dodecahedron in Metatron’s Cube

This Quantum Flower of Life Symbol’s unique design, was channelled, edited, and created by me after my extensive training on the Mystical Magical Powers of Sacred Geometry, the Flower of Life, it’s Healing Helix, and the many ways we can use it for transmutting, healing and manifesting our desires.

I perceive this Symbol as a living multidimensional software program and I have used my “Divine Light Alchemy” to infuse it with vibrational frequencies to enhance it even more, to assist you to align to and achieve your infinite potential.

Sacred geometry is the blueprint of all creation. The Flower of Life, Symbol, contains many other geometric symbols within it, which is why I use it as one of my favorite Quantum Mystical tools, and it can be used in many creative ways.

Metatron’s Cube & The Dodecahedron hides within it, two greater forces of the universe that allow us to continue manifesting our heart’s desires and living our soul’s purpose with grace and ease.
Simply by looking at it, it can assist with releasing any blockages along with the potential to energize & allow you to manifest your intentions.

I recommend incorporating it with any of your spiritual practices, meditation, visualization, the empowerment tools and techniques document, etc. Once it is laminated you can place food, water, gemstones, etc. on the Quantum Symbol to enhance them.  

Breathe, Center, & Drop down into your Heart Center/Still Point, and look at it.
Breathe it into your heart center and allow it to be a magical portal where you can send your intentions to the quantum infinite source and receive awareness and guidance.

Drop down into your heart center, and use the I am statements, the questions I listed, or the Mantra from the Empowerment Document below.

The Downloadable Document includes The Quantum Symbol and a Manifesting Process to get you started.
I recommend printing it on card stock paper and laminating it in the many creative ways you will be guided to do.
Also, it would be very beneficial to use it, while watching my Divine Light Alchemy Videos.

I plan to provide additional insights, once I have fully downloaded the rest of the information I channeled.

Debi Rose

FOL Quantum Healing Symbol 

Divine Quantum Flower of Life Symbol 

Quantum Flower of Life Symbol

Spiritual Power Codes


Spiritual Power Codes



Spiritual Power Symbol


Spiritual Power Symbol

Divine Light Alchemy Empowering Tools, Techniques & Processes

This is a Divine collection of Enlightenment & Empowering Documents, Tools, Quantum Sacred Geometry, and Spiritual Techniques I consider Divine Light Alchemy Empowerment Tools. 

Divine Light Alchemy Empowering Tools, Techniques & Processes

Ancestral Forgiveness & Peacemaking
This prayer was created by Howard Mills and his teachings about Ancestral Lineage Peacemaking. This prayer carries a vibrational frequency, repeating it daily with my Peacemaking Video will provide profound results.

Forgiveness Peacemaking Prayer

The Eye Patching Technique  “Pirate Therapy”

Eye Patching is a simple technique to stop the mind chatter that keeps you in a self destructive mental loop, not allowing you to find the solutions to your issues & challenges. Also, please watch the  Training video, I created that provides a great explanation of the process.

Eye Patching Technique

Ho’oponopono Peacemaking

Self I-dentity through Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian problem solving process to release memories that show up as problems in our everyday lives and affects our business.



Law of Attraction Course


Law of Attraction Course

Please check back, since I plan to add additional new downloads, how does it get better than that?

Debi Rose
“Only those who see the invisible can do the impossible.”