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Releasing Past Life Issues

Could Your Past Lives Be Affecting You This Life?

There are so many areas in a person’s present life where past lives have a powerful influence. For instance, you may have an anxiety or a phobia when ever you are in certain situations, like flying on an airplane, in high places like tall buildings or mountain tops, this could have a roots in a past life where you experienced harm or even death.
All of these accumulated experiences, good and bad are recorded and stored in you Akashic Records.
Your Akashic Records are linked to your subconscious programs.
So, any persistent problem areas in your life are most likely caused by past life subconscious programs.

Watch below – My own personal experience with past life issues & how they affected my life. 

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Signs that your current life issues may have roots in past lives:

past life karmic health programs

 Health Problems

Any phobias, allergies, past, present persistent or recurring health difficulties:
Any past life where you experienced harm or death will set up a trigger program that has the potential to kick in when you are close to repeating the incident. These can show up any where from anxiety to an all out health crisis or severe reaction to essentially to keep you safe from repeating whatever caused you harm the first time.

An Example: A Fear of Spiders, may be caused by a past life where you were bitten by a swarm of poisonious spiders and died. Maybe that back problem has roots in a past life where you were thrown off a horse and broke your back and died. Get the idea?
To achieve and maintain optimum health it is vital to make sure all past life traumas have been cleared.

My own personal experience that proved the incredible benefits of a past life clearing, was when my long standing lower back problem was completely healed, when all of my past lives where I had experienced trauma to my back were cleared!


Past life ancestral programs of struggle







Present Life Crisis

This could include major issues that no matter what you do to resolve them, they just won’t go away.
Any past life issues with similar circumstances are often the reason you are unable to reach any resolution to the problem. Also, adding to the entanglement of the challenge, are all of the people and places involved along with a multitude of other forms of discordant energies holding it firmly in place.

karmic past life trauma with money

Finances, Career & Success

This is a very large area, since the energy of money has it’s own morphic field, and when you add all of the past life experiences involving money, value and it’s link to basic survival, this can cause money challenges, current and repeated cycles that ultimately block your abundance, prosperity and any success you desire to achieve.
Indepth research of all past lives and a complete clearing to remove all programs, contracts and religious vows associated with money, prosperity, wealth and success will insure financial abundance.


Karmic relationships

karmic past life relationship patterns







Consider all of the past lives you have had with others that are here with you in this present life and it becomes clear why most relationships can be so difficult. All of the accumulated experiences that create a huge energetic mix showing up as persistent or long standing difficult relationships with parents, siblings, mate/s, children, teachers, boss and coworkers or others. This is another area in everyone’s life where clearing all issues with roots in past lives would be very beneficial.

ancestral inherited patterns of let down


This is where past life experiences can influence your present life challenges regarding your sense of value, being worthy and deserving. Everything we take on energetically from family structure, then social and religious standings in the community. Although you may think this all stems from our current lifetime, every way we interact with others has been affected by past life belief systems and programming that has carried over into this life.
Unfortunately, simply using affirmations will have minimum results until the real root cause is eliminated.
This area also includes any confidence, self image status, fears and many recurring emotional difficulties.

Could Your Current Issues Benefit From Removing Past Lives?

What Are Past Life Clearings?

Any lifetime that has been lived in a physical body, anywhere in the universe, is considered a past life.
Past lives, Akashic records and karma have a huge impact on our present life. I believe up to 99% of the challenges a person encounters in life, have there roots in past lives, other timelines and other dimensions.
It even goes back to the original incarnation and the programming of the soul’s potential.

Researching and clearing past lives sets you free of past life energies and allows you to make changes in the present life. You still have free will to make choices for this life and walk the new path.

Our soul record is commonly referred to as the Akashic record. It is the record of everything the soul has experienced from the instant that the divine blueprint was formed, until the present moment and beyond. All of the programming from this life and all other lives is stored there.

You could think of our conscious mind as a huge net, (or like a computer) constantly gathering information through our senses and forming ideas, beliefs perceptions, projections and judgments, which are then stored in the subconscious mind.

Everything you have observed through your senses and all the thoughts, feelings & emotions you have experienced as a result of those observations are stored in the subconscious mind, just below the surface of your awareness. It is all of this information that creates the way we act, make decisions and choices and ultimately creating our current life experiences.

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This amazing spiritual healing system provides an exacting, powerful, virtually painless and accurate way of changing the landscape of your inner being which provides you with the catalyst to creating the change required for your new reality.

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