How To Clear Ancestral Soul Programs & Patterns

Are Your Soul Programs and Subconscious Patterns Keeping You Stuck?

Soul Programs and subconscious patterns are the root of our limitations and if we can change those programs and patterns our quality of life improves. However, many still struggle finding themselves trapped in the cycle of two steps forward one step back. Every choice you make is affected by your subconscious programming. The state of your health is a result of your choices and opportunities… which is a result of your limiting soul programs, subconscious patterns and beliefs.

Ancestralfear of success and struggle programming


Your financial status is the result of your choices and decisions… which is a result of core beliefs and patterns running on automatic in your subconscious. All of our actions and even the way we think about things are often driven by the past life soul programming and subconscious patterns we have inherited from our ancestral lineage and learned when we were growing up as a child.

We simply get into the habit of doing things the way we’ve always done them, except we hope to get different results. What makes it even more complicated for most human beings, they are completely unaware of what deeply rooted unconscious ancestral soul programs and subconscious patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviors are running on auto-pilot and completely fueling every choice and action we make.  We assume we are really the one creating our reality

Limiting Beliefs and Belief Systems

Past life ancestral karmic habits of let down

These past life ancestral soul programs, limiting beliefs and self destructive belief systems can also cause you to develop certain beliefs about yourself. And these beliefs can cause a huge list of various emotions, reactions and behaviors within you.

Expressing through the co-dependent, victim and often the addict are just a few that carry this programming.
You may even feel under appreciated or experience unworthiness and low self esteem.

Your mind may enjoys acting as a harsh inner critic which keeps on chattering, causing you to lose focus from your desires. You may become overly stressed because you believe that you always need to be nice, or be liked and do not express your true thoughts and feelings for fear of being rejected. Which can also create a deeper layer of resentment. All of this combined with many other energetic blocks, creates an additional looping pattern of “Let Down” and major blocks and interference to living a joyful life.

Can Soul Programs and Patterns Be Cleared?


Yes! There are many techniques to release deep rooted subconscious programming, and over the years, I have tried many of them on myself, family and also for clients.

The list includes, EFT Tapping, Ho’oponopono, Releasing Statements, Subliminal Meditations and Hypnosis, however my personal favorites and the ones I have found to be the most effective are the clearing techniques from Spiritual Response Therapy, the Yuen Mastery Method, Quantum Vortex, Matrix Energetics and Access Consciousness. All of which I have learned and mastered and I also include them along with several others in my “Divine Light Alchemy” sessions.
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“Divine Light Alchemy” Quantum Vortex Scalar Pyramid Energy

Multidimensional Facilitator, Debi Rose


I specialize in providing effective Ancestral Past Life Soul Clearing Sessions that include my years of expertise in discovering the deep roots to your limiting Ancestral Past life Karmic Soul Programs and Subconscious Patterns. I also have mastery in the most powerful Spiritual & Vibrational Healing and Clearing systems on the planet, listed below, which have become my own unique
“Divine Light Alchemy” Quantum Vortex Healing System.

  • Spiritual Response Therapy
  • Spiritual Restructuring
  • Matrix Energetics
  • Chinese Energetics / Yuen Mastery
  • Theta Healing
  • Advanced Chakra Therapy
  • Zenna Healing
  • Access Consciousness
  • Access Bars
  • Golden DNA Activation
  • Quantum Vortex

If  you are ready to release all of the self-limiting, core, genetic, past life & soul level belief systems, programs, contracts and everything else that’s holding you back.   Check out all of the dynamic transformational sessions I offer that are Divinely Designs to provide you with the empowerment to change whatever you want to change in your life.


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