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Past Life, Karmic & Ancestral Trinity Clearings 

Past Life and karmic clearings are often thought to be interchangeable, or even the same thing, however, I have discovered that there are some specific Karmic components that are addressed and cleared differently. That is also true when addressing the deeper Ancestral Programming, Beliefs & Patterns.  I perceive the matrix, connections and the overlap in the three of them, and it doesn’t matter what they are called, they are basically all energetic blockages, that are the primary weaknesses to you achieving whatever you desire to change and achieve in your life.

When choosing any type of past life or karmic clearing, whatever you have considered previously, the important thing to realize is, if you want to experience the most profound results, that every possible item should be cleared and removed!

I have been guided to transcend the “Old Ways” and what my sessions include, and the “Divine Light Alchemy” Quantum Scalar Energy Clearing Sessions include the complete Past Life, Karmic & Ancestral Trinity.

Since past life, karmic & ancestral experiences, imprints in manifest themselves in negative feelings such as guilt, jealously, revenge,
unworthiness, victimization, hatred, and anger. These imprints & implants are usually in the form of archetypal personas that hijack the individual when triggered. Past Life, Karmic & Ancestral issues also frequently group together and form many of the primary geometric matrices, which include the Triads, Hexagons, Pentagons & Octagons.

Within your “Divine Light Alchemy” Quantum Scalar Energy Clearing Session, we will disentangle, delete, clear and remove:

Clearing and transmuting Past Life Programs, Contracts, Discordant Energies.
This is the Essence of this clearing work, and unless these programs are addressed you can be locked into the Self-punishment, Desire To Suffer, and Self-Destruction Triad.

Clearing of “Other People’s” “Collective Energy” and “Morphic Fields”.

Archetypal patterns, personas and complexes, the emotional baggage associated with them, and cut all karmic cords which no longer serve you.  Clear, release and transmute core issues, limiting beliefs and patterns, blocking you to be open to
allowing, receiving, deserving, worthy of receiving.

Spiritual clearing of your Past Life Programming, core issues, blocks and limiting beliefs, and distortions, that are keeping you from living your authentic self.

Working with Divine Source and your higher self, you will be upgraded to a new “operating system” “Internal Software Programs” which will assist you to resonate at a much higher frequency.
Operating from this new frequency, it allowing you to resonate with and then naturally attract more desirable experiences.

Whether you are struggling with depression, addictions, weight issues, health issues, financial lack, need relationship rescue, or you are just looking to go to your next level of an optimum life, you will be strengthened to 100% Infinite Potential and have the ability to move forward and set whatever you desire in motion.

You are a powerful magnet to start attracting all of life’s riches, when all of your Geometric Matrices are strong and you then vibrate at your true essence, living in harmony and rhythm with your true essence will allow you a freedom you have not fully experienced yet in your life.

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