Releasing Past Life Ancestral Inheritance Programs 

Releasing Past Life Ancestral Inheritance Programming


Clearing Ancestral Struggle and Poverty Consciousness

While doing Divine Light Alchemy Quantum Vortex sessions with clients, using the many spiritual systems I have learned, the Past Life Ancestral Programming and Inheritance Programs, that carry the most energetic density, are often the first to be revealed.

I am always searching for the root core cause to
whatever issue or challenge a client presents to me during a session.

Using my insight & keen perception, along with the charts I use, that are filled with information and items that sometimes require additional
research and specific protocols in order to completely disentangle, delete, clear and release.

My teacher, Robert DetzDivine Light Alchemy Quantum Vortex Scalar Clearingsler, the founder of Spiritual Response Therapy and Spiritual Restructuring, taught me that simply clearing the “branches & leaves” will not resolve the challenge completely.

So in essence, I am ultimately searching for that very first incarnation he termed the “Spirit Root Belief.”




These spirit root beliefs are all of the misbeliefs and are a misperception of what your spirit actually experienced.
Common examples of misperceptions could be: “Kicked Out Of Heaven,” “Not Good Enough,” “I Don’t Deserve” & the big one “God Doesn’t Love Me.” Just imagine the struggle and limitation that belief potentially generates.

These spirit root beliefs, then set up a multitude of pre-programming that are primarily created to support that very first misperception. They also continue to rebuild lifetime after lifetime multiplying and creating unlimited levels and layers.
Your family ancestry and lineage also plays a part in this misperceived Spirit Root belief. Your soul chooses your family before you are born. Difficult family experiences are most likely a consequence of lifetimes of unresolved beliefs, patterns, programs and traumas in past lives.

Clearing and resolving the deepest levels of Spirit Root Beliefs
expressed through your family lineage.

You choose your family, ancestry and lineage each time you incarnate, because your soul, at its’ deepest level, desires another chance to resolve the karma created to support that original spirit root belief and is now carried family lineage.
Until that original spirit root belief is resolved, you will continue to incarnate expressing master programs in order to work through them hoping to resolve them.

ancestral genetic programs and beliefs

Ancestral Inhertance Patterns and beliefs





Below is a partial list of potential Master Programs & how the Spirit Root Belief is being expressed this lifetime and many others.

(When clearing them I always ask how many and if there are any back-up copies, mirror images, rebuilding & replication programs.)

Master Programs Created From Spirit Root Beliefs:

clearing past life master soul programs


Most of the time these can be cleared without researching a specific past life, but if it is necessary to discover the energy that is holding it in place, it will then be researched further with additional techniques, cleared and released.

Past life karmic soul programs



Ancestral Themes & Challenges Created From Spirit Root Beliefs:

Ancestral Past life karmic soul themes


Blocked Soul Qualities Created From Spirit Root Beliefs:

Ancestral past life karmic soul qualities


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