One Specific Situation, Issue or Challenge Clearing Session

Resolving and releasing ancestral lineage energy


Divine Light Alchemy Quantum Vortex

“One Specific Situation” Session

I was Divinely Inspired to create this Specific Situation Session, for those that are new to me, my Quantum Vortex Scalar energy techniques, how I facilitate my sessions, and provide you with an additional option to choose.  

My Unique Divine Multidimensional Difference

No matter which session you choose, all sessions are facilitated from within my “Divine Light Alchemy” Quantum Vortex Multidimensional Scalar Matrix Pyramid Chamber.

During your session and after tuning into your energetic soul blueprint, I’m then guided to choose from over a dozen Healing and Clearing Modalities that resonate with resolving your primary issues.

They include what I believe and know are the most advanced spiritual, vibrational & multi-dimensional healing techniques, on the planet, each of them extremely incredible and powerful by themselves and could easily be one session on their own.
However, being the Divine Alchemist that I am, I prefer to include all of them, to provide you with the synergestic blending & the ultimate transformational session you will receive! 

The Divine Prep

To prepare you for a unique experience, we transport you within the Divine Light Alchemy healing space and facilitate you to drop down into the “still point.” By bringing you in the scalar field space of no time, transformations & changes can occur instantly.
The Quantum Vortex is then activated, so even while we talk, your energetic blocks, beliefs, programs and patterns are being disentangled, deleted, cleared and released completely & quickly.

It is the ultimate Quantum Multidimensional Energetic experience.
The Multidimensional systems I use include what I believe and know are the most advanced spiritual, vibrational & multi-dimensional healing techniques, on the planet, each of them extremely incredible and powerful by themselves…
As you describe your primary challenge, I am tuning into your energetic soul blueprint, where I’m guided to choose from over Healing and Clearing Modalities and apply whichever one will be the most effective.

I have also started using a “Divine Light Alchemy” Work-space with Geometric Matrices to disentangle, delete & release in a new dynamic way, which will strengthen & align you to “Infinite Potentials” you haven’t ever considered or imagined!

This Specific Situation Clearing, enables you to be unobstructed allowing the energy to flow freely and thus raising your frequency to address what you desire to create.

When you resonate at a higher frequency, it allows you to achieve an optimal state of mind, body emotion & spiritual awareness.
I consider this to be the vital first step to embrace the state of happiness, joy, inner peace, radiant health, and ease of functioning when your Specific Situation, Issue or Challenge is released and you are in alignment with wholeness.

All of the sessions are energetic in nature and do not require that we have physical or verbal contact during the scheduled appointment time. All that is required of you is that you get into a comfortable relaxed state with the intention of allowing the work to be done in the most beneficial way. I will enter my Divine Light Alchemy Matrix Pyramid, get in my unique “Quantum State” and remotely connect to your energy body and perform the clearings. It does not matter where you live, even if you are half way across the world, since I will be connecting via what quantum physicists call the unified energy field.

This “Specific Situation” Session includes the following:
One 30 minute Phone Session DLA QV Clearing, Healing Processing, Reintegration & Alignment to Wholeness,
of One Situation/Issue/or Challenge. 

The Fee for this 30 minute session
Cost $198.00

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Please Note:
This clearing session DOES NOT include any Attunements, AH Code Activation, Bio Resonance Remedy and the 3 day additional follow-up clearings. If you feel that you would benefit from all of those incredible items, please choose my Divine Light Alchemy Quantum Vortex Ultimate Session where I will facilitate you to clear & resolve whatever you require.  (View Here)

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