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Ancestral Lineage Clearing


Resolving and releasing ancestral lineage energy

When asked, what is the difference between a past life or karmic clearing and an Ancestral linage clearing? I reply that there is a very fine line between the two and I often perceive them as one in the same except with deeper levels of research and the different ways I have learned to disentangle, delete, clear & resolve them.

Clearing Ancestral Karma

There are many spiritual traditions teaching that the spirits of our ancestors being alive, well, and also having a major influence on the present. Eastern traditions, term it as “negative karma” and it is believed to be an accumulation of experiences occurring & accumulating through many lifetimes.

Our Ancestor’s Karma

Our ancestors are not necessarily more enlightened or evolved, than they were when they lived on Earth, but they’re still capable of having a profound positive or negative impact on our lives.ancestral lineage energy blocking our prosperity

Their energy resides within all of us through our genetics & DNA, and has the potential to influence us in our daily lives through their living consciousness.

When our ancestors were alive, they had their own patterns, programs, beliefs, attitudes and desires that were what created their own Karmic imprinting. Even after their death, all of those energies were still present, but there was no longer a vehicle by which to express them, since the soul was no longer in a physical human body on the physical plane.

I know from my own experience, that when our ancestors wish to fulfill their programming through their offspring (us), energetic imprinting & impingements are created. They are often termed “Inherited Trauma.”

ancestral lineage affecting our choices

In this way, our ancestors are playing a huge role in our circumstances in our present life experience, often without our knowledge.

Their traumas affect us through this energetic imprint or impingement, and if these negative karmic patterns are not resolved, they continue to be passed down through the lineage to us and then to our offspring.

Consider how much influence all of this karmic energy has and the potential to create blocks, issues and challenges and more Karma, which ultimately limits our ability to express and actualize our true Spiritual Being and our inherit infinite potential.

For many years, while doing past life karmic clearings, I would address clearing and releasing whatever ancestral lineage patterns, programming & energy that required clearing as well.

Example, while researching someone’s issues regarding finances, I clear & release a long list of items that are blocking them to achieve a greater flow of abundance in all areas of their life, especially in the areas of receiving money.
I find that disentangling them from all ancestral lineage patterns and programs around money to be necessary, and have always been a huge component within all of my clearings.

Also, I’d research all timelines and dimensions, so all past lifetimes are included, not just this lifetime’s ancestors and lineage.
Past life Ancestral lineage clearing & healing is a profound, dynamic way to remove inherited Karmic energy clearing and removing limiting programs and undesired patterns that keep one from attaining his or her full potential.

Past Life Ancestral “Shadow Dancing”

Yuen Mastery training teaches that our ancestors are more involved in our life and issues & challenges than many may realize. For instance, there is a unique past life ancestral “shadow dance” that is going on between your ancestors and mine!

Resolving and releasing ancestral lineage energySo, if you have had past life clearing on yourself & your ancestral lineage, your friends, partners & coworkers with their own unique ancestral lineage may have a conflict with you and/or your ancestors, there is a potential energetic conflict.

It reminds me of the story of the Hatfields & McCoys & their bloody long-standing feud.
When I became aware of this, I began including deeper researching in all of my past life clearings and perceiving all of the potential ancestral conflicts that were really at the root of someone’s relationships, finances, health.


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Deeper Levels of Ancestral Items I have Perceived

Ancestral Beliefs about Money, Work, Success & Wealth
Your ancestors may have had beliefs, judgments and thoughts about money success & wealth from an era that thought wealth was measured by how many cattle they owned.
Also, what about their beliefs about women and work or business success.
Things are definitely different now, but how much of that programming is still running deep within you?

Ancestral Race Beliefs
I have been clearing Past Life Major & Minor Race Beliefs for years.
Major race beliefs are accumulated ancestral energy from past lives where you were a major race. You may not have been very “Nice” towards minor races. These beliefs carry energy of guilt, shame, and self punishment.

Minor Race Beliefs are an accumulated ancestral energy from past lives where you were a minor race and were traumatized & treated negatively. They carry energy of low self esteem, victimization & self limitation. Although you may resonate with Minor Race energy more, in my experience with clients, most often they carry both Major & Minor Race Beliefs.

Ancestral Limitations & Traumas
Researching the history of disasters, famine, wars and financial ruin, I perceived all of the intense struggle and survival energy our ancestors endured and how vital it is to do ancestral clearing, healing & peacemaking.

Family Re-patterning

Ancestral Energy and its potential influence on parenting can show up in several ways.

Conflicts with family members

These may or may not have present life experiences creating the conflict, however, in my experience, whatever the conflict is, they have roots in past lives with an ancestral component.

Identifying with a family member’s patterns, actions or points of view.


Past life ancestral karmic habits of let down
These can either be aligning and agreeing with or reacting and disagreeing. Whichever one you do, whether by choice or unconsciously, it creates an energetic imbalance and you are not neutral.

Also, possible issues with family member’s actions and a vow to not be like them or do it their way, also creates discord. This is simply a sign there is something deep within YOU, that you identify with and requires you to forgive & heal yourself, then you will be OK with whatever they are doing.

Remember your resistance or reaction to anything just keeps it energized
within you.



How to Clear & Release Past Life Ancestral Energy?


My Past Life Ancestral Clearing & Healing includes an alchemical blending of the multi-dimensional clearing & healing systems I have learned over the years.  Resolving and releasing ancestral lineage energy

These powerful processes disentangle, delete, clear & remove negative discordant energies from your subtle energy fields, including the chakras, auric field, all energy bodies, soul level and physical systems.

The deepest level is the Past Life Karmic level – your Akashic Records, which contains content that is deep in the unconscious from your past life experiences and actions and including your ancestors & lineage. This level of clearing & healing provides profound positive changes.

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I also highly recommend the Ancestral Peacemaking methods taught by John Newton and Howard Mills.
If you feel you may be carrying some Ancestral Programming or Patterns, and you are not sure if you are ready to do a clearing with me, you can start by watching the Ancestral Peacemaking Video I created.

This video is enhanced with Divine Light Alchemy Quantum Vortex Energy Enhancement. It also has a subliminal track of my request and the Ancestral Peacemaking Prayer I downloaded from Howard Mills’ website.

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Ancestral Healing Rituals


Ancestral clearing prayers and ritualsIn some cultures there are many rituals to heal ancestral lineage. If you choose to do those techniques, please keep in mind during any ancestral clearing or healing that you are mindful and do not “Take on” whatever you are attempting heal for them and do not identify with them and their experiences energy.

Always remember to ask for the highest good for all, stay Neutral and simply ”Be” the observer.

If after an Ancestral Healing Ritual, you feel heavy or dense, simply ASK “Who does this belong to?” if you perceive a lightness, then it wasn’t yours & something you took on during your ritual. Simply say “Return to sender with consciousness.”






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