April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse Divine Light Alchemy Quantum Vortex Session

Divine Light Alchemy 

April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse Session


This will be a Divine Once in a Lifetime Event!

To Celebrate I’ve been guided to create a Very Unique

Divine Light Alchemy Session,

and I am also including 5 Very Special Bonuses.


I hope you will join me and experience a Divine Session,

that promises to be beyond whatever you have imagined!






The “Divine Light Alchemy Session “Prep.”

To prepare you for a unique session experience, we will first create and activate a Divine Light Alchemy Pyramid around you,   activating the Universal Vortices of Source Light, within you, including all of your energy bodies and within your pyramid. Clearing and releasing, anything that is not 100% Love, Light and Truth.

Next we will create a Dimensional Bridge to transport you energetically within our Divine Light Alchemy Quantum Vortex Absolute Scalar Waves Healing Pyramid Chamber. 

We then facilitate you to drop down into your heart center & access the “still point.” By bringing you in the scalar field space of no time, transformations & changes can occur instantly.

Once the Quantum Vortex is activated, even while we talk, your energetic blocks, beliefs, programs and patterns are being disentangled, detached, deleted, cleared and released completely & quickly.

It is the ultimate Quantum Multidimensional Energetic experience.

Divine Light Alchemy Quantum Session 

One 1 hour phone call/session. To Be scheduled whatever day and time is best for you, after April 9th, 2024.

All sessions are done remotely, facilitated from within my “Divine Light Alchemy” Quantum Vortex Multidimensional Scalar Matrix Pyramid Chamber.
During your session and after scanning and tuning into your energetic systems, I’ll be guided to choose from over a dozen Healing and Clearing Modalities that resonate with resolving your primary issues.

They include what I believe and know are the most advanced spiritual, vibrational & multi-dimensional healing techniques, on the planet, each of them extremely incredible and powerful by themselves and could easily be one session on their own. However, being the Divine Alchemist that I am, I prefer to include all of them, to provide you with the synergistic blending & the ultimate transformational session you will receive!

Specific & Personalized To Address Your Primary Issue.

New Process of Accessing & Tuning into Your Holographic Body & Downloading & Activating Quantum Healing Modules.
New Ancient Egyptian Healing Methods to clear & transmute your preprogrammed “Patterns” that are at the core of your issues. 
These Quantum Dynamic “Sweeps” do a deep search for that pattern & are clearing on each of your Energy Bodies, all of your Energy Centers, and all Planes. Then stabilizing your Chakras and Pyramid Centers.
The Unique Quantum Healing Plates Frequencies Transmission. 
An Etheric Holographic Template Scan & Clear process that addresses the balancing & alignment to wholeness in the
5 areas of your life.
Your Divine Soul Blueprint Operating System Upgrade, Reintegration & Refresh
Whole Brain Integration (Using “Egyptian Higher Consciousness & “Blue Light”)
Clearing & Disentangling of Memes, Intrinsic Data Fields, Discordant or Corrupted Templates & Solidified Future projections.
Extraction & Disentangling of Energetic Detrimental Imprints, Intrusions Cords, Tethers & Any Unwanted Resonances.  
Quantum Switches and Anchors.
All clearing are done on you in all other timelines and dimensions where you exist.
Plus any additional new Items that require me and my spiritual team to address for your unique and specific situation.

Bonus # 1

A Divine Group Transmission

Prior & During The Time of The Solar Eclipse

Monday, April 8 at 3:16 p.m. EST

To Everyone that Purchases a Session.


Many are calling it a rare celestial event, others a once-in-a-lifetime experience — a total solar eclipse will leave Erie, Pa., in the path of totality on Monday April 8 at 3:16 p.m. This occurs when the moon’s orbit comes directly between the Earth and the sun, casting darkness over certain parts of America.  

The Eclipse (hopefully with clear skies), will be viewable from my location, so as I await the totality, I will do a Divine Light Alchemy transmission at 2:30 pm EST, of Divine Light Alchemy Healing frequencies, Quantum Modules, Egyptian Aboukra Energies and Vibrations. I will also be Including an Emerald Tablet transmission. 


Please know, that the transmission will be calibrated for you, if you are unable to be in a safe location to receive this transmission,    




Bonus # 2


Emerald Table & Golden Perfect 5th

Miracle Frequency Transmission 

This is offered as a separate session, however during this Solstice Session, you will also be receiving this as a very special Bonus which will be done during your phone call/session.

“The Emerald Tablet Specific set of frequencies combined with the Golden Perfect 5th sound frequency that activates the Miracle Molecule provide a profound healing session.

The Healing energy, frequencies and vibrations within the Emerald Tablet are designed to expand awareness, develop the soul, and enable the flow of pure and luminous energies. They adapt to the client’s specific personal situations and requirements to work on and provide at an individual level.






Bonus # 3

An Additional Three Days of Follow-up Clearing,

Healing & Stabilization of Your Primary Issues

After Your Divine Light Alchemy Phone call/session.




Bonus # 4 

Environmental Clearing Sweeps 

This is an in-depth clearing of low frequency, detrimental energies in your home, land on all 7 planes. These Sweeps also address any old stagnant mental, and emotional energy that may be lowering your resonance and are very beneficial to support you during and after our Divine Light Alchemy Session. 







Bonus # 5

Personal Bio Resonance Remedy Channeled During Your Session 

This is a Divinely Magical Remedy, and will be created during your Divine Light Alchemy Session, by Channeling Beneficial Frequencies from the Higher Consciousness Beings that I work with, providing you with your own personal remedy to take after your session for additional support to provide of the most beneficial results.  



Purchase this Once in A Lifetime Event

Session for $350.00

“Divine Light Alchemy” April 8, 2024 Solar Event Special Session
will only be available to purchase from April 6th thru April 8th, 2024.
To be scheduled for the best day and time for you after April 9, 2024, 

This Session is no Longer Available.

Divine Light Alchemy 4-8-2024 Solar Eclipse Session

One 60 minute Phone Session, Consulting & Divine Light Alchemy Multidimensional Past Life Ancestral Karmic Energetic Clearing, Correcting, Healing, Miracle Frequencies Transmissions, Reintegration & Realignment Session.
Plus 5 Additional Bonuses Listed Above.

Price $350.00