Healing & Transcending Emotional Traumas

Healing & Transcending Emotional Traumas & Blockages


healing past life emotional patterns

Emotional blocks can be tricky little buggers. Secretly sabotaging our best intentions and dreams for ourselves and causing us to stay stuck in patterns that don’t serve us. But thankfully they are easy enough to clear out.

What is Emotional Trauma?

In my experience, emotional trauma is one of the most avoided miss-understood, ignored, denied, and most often untreated primary deep rooted cause of human suffering.ancestral past life karmic programs of emotional abuse

When I use the term emotional trauma,
I am referring to the often debilitating
symptoms that many people suffer from
in the aftermath of “a perceived” life
threatening or overwhelming experience.

I’ve noticed that emotional trauma is even being
used to replace every day stress, an example,
I had a traumatic situation at work“, however
this use is commonly misleading. While it is true
that all emotionally traumatic events are stressful,
all stressful events are not emotionally traumatic.

Emotional Traumas are Unique to Each Person

When it comes to emotional trauma, no two people experience it exactly the same. We each have a very unique constitutional profile. I explain this in reference to a Rasavidya KalaChakra Profiling.  Because of our own uniqueness, what may prove harmful over the long term to one person, may be uneventful or even exhilarating to another.

Also, we as humans have a tendency to judge the “Perceived” experience and give meaning to it, which can have the potential to be woven into one of the many stories we will then align to and identify with.

There are many other factors involved in the wide range of response to threat. These responses can also depend upon the person’s epigenetic makeup, the individual’s history of trauma, even his or her home life and family dynamics.

It is vital that we are aware of these differences.
Simply knowing that certain kinds of early childhood experiences can severely affect and diminish our ability to cope and be present in the world may elicit understanding, compassion and support rather than harsh judgment, both for ourselves and others.

One of the most important things I have learned about emotional trauma is that people, especially children, can be overwhelmed by what we usually think of as common everyday events.

healing childhood trauma and abuse

For example, a child being told “No” and not allowed to have a popcicle, has the potential to create perceived emotional trauma as not deserving” or not good enough,” which could affect their finances later in life.

Also, those early childhood emotional traumas never grow up, they are energetically frozen in time with all of the intensity intact, so looking at it as an adult, often it is unbelievable that something considered minor, still carries quite an energetic charge which potentially creates an emotional blockage.

Our knowledge and understanding of emotional trauma or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is often limited to “shell shocked” soldiers who have been devastated by war, victims of severe abuse or violence, and those who have suffered catastrophic accidents and injuries.

This is a very narrow view which could not be further from the truth.

The truth is that, over time, a series of seemingly minor emotional traumas can have a damaging effect on a person. Emotional trauma does not have to stem from a major catastrophe. Also, let’s not forget all of the categories of emotional traumas we hold in our DNA from past lives and ancestral lineage. New scientific research is proving that we can be born with the Epigenomes, the little markers that store the traumas, burdens & limitations our parents, grandparents & great grandparents experienced. So, we have a body that is pre-programmed and loaded with programming that isn’t optimal.

In short, emotional trauma is about loss of connection, to ourselves, to our bodies, to our families, to others, and to the world around us. This loss of connection is often hard to recognize, because it doesn’t happen all at once. It can happen slowly, over time, and we adapt to the subtle changes sometimes without even noticing them. These are the hidden effects of traumas, the ones most of us keep to ourselves. We may simply sense that we do not feel quite right, without even becoming fully aware of what is taking place, that is, the gradual undermining of our self-esteem, self-confidence, feelings of well-being, and connections to life.

Our choices become limited as we avoid certain feelings, people, situations, and places.ancestral past life karmic programs of emotional abuse The result of this gradual constriction of freedom is the loss of vitality and potential for the fulfillment of our dreams & aspirations.

We all have some memories that we perhaps don’t like, if they are painful we bury them deep within, we may think that if they are forgotten, they are dealt with, but then we find a trigger, something or somewhere that sets them off. It is important to release these old memories, and emotional traumas that have transformed into Emotional Blocks.

The real and only impediments to one’s success are the invisible emotional blocks that rob you of your motivation and creative ideas. These blocks are laid down in the unconscious mind at a very early stage in one’s life. There they work clandestinely to undermine even sabotage your well made plans for success. The only way to succeed is to uproot them and release them for good.

ancestral lineage energy of victimization

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