“Divine Light Alchemy” Quantum Vortex Sessions
with Debi Rose

 “Divine Light Alchemy” Quantum Vortex Sessions


Divine Light Alchemy Quantum Vortex Scalar Pyramid Energy Healing


What ever type of Clearing, Healing, or Divine Spiritual Assistance you are looking for, a session with Debi Rose will provide you with much more than imagined and I promise, an amazing life changing experience.

I offer many choices when deciding on a session with me, however, remember that Universal Intelligence knows exactly what you require. So, please trust, if you think that what you need is a Past life or Ancestral Clearing, an Auric clearing, Chakra balancing or anything else I have described on this website, when I connect to you & tune into your energetic fields, Source will guide me and you will receive everything you require and more to release whatever is creating the blocks, that are keeping you stuck, so you are empowered to move forward and achieve whatever you desire.

Often it is never what we think that is really creating your issues, and if we happen to dig up a deeply buried emotional trauma that you took on in the womb, and if that is really what is blocking your financial success, that you thought was a simple blocked pattern, no worries, we will clear it.

When we do our session, as we are talking, I am perceiving and following energy, and where ever there are energetic blocks or weakness, I will instantly disentangle, clear and delete them, along with correcting & strengthening any geometric matrices. I also do a re-integration and align you to Infinite Potential.

Debi Rose “Divine Light Alchemy” Quantum Vortex Session

Ultimate Transformational Clearing Package
One 60 Minute Phone Session, Consulting & DLA QV Energetic Clearing, Activations, Attunements, Correcting & Realignment Session. Also includes 3 additional Days of follow-up clearing & healing.
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Price $350.00

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