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New Vibrational Radiesthesia “Detox Elixir” Elixir

The Detox Elixir contains a specific set of Energy Channels and healing frequencies that support optimal healing, balance & function. 

Healing, Balancing Benefits of Application of Detox Elixir:
The frequencies included within this Detox Elixir have the properties of removing toxins and toxins from the human body.

Description of Detox Elixir

This is the second of the Vibrational Radiesthesia Elixirs for health restoration and one of the most necessary ones, because it activates the body’s natural excretion functions.

And this is not the usual removal of toxins and toxins, but a powerful purification of cells and tissues.
So, with infectious and inflammatory diseases in the body, intoxication (self-poisoning) sharply increases, and in order to more easily and quickly remove decay products from the cell and from the intercellular space, you need to drink a sufficient amount of water, structured

If a cell is blocked by toxins, then it does not receive information from other cells and its rhythm of functioning is lost, then in a panic it begins to actively feed and multiply, and this can already develop into oncology, i.e. alien process.

In accordance with the circadian rhythms, acidifying processes begin in us in the morning – the body prepares to absorb and digest food, which is one of the bases for obtaining energy and essential substances for life. And in the second half of the day, recovery processes begin to prevail, the body prepares for a full night’s rest. People have long said: eat breakfast yourself, share lunch with a friend, give dinner to the enemy. In the morning, you need to get energy for an active day, at lunchtime to maintain a little strength, and at night it is better not to eat, since the recovery processes have begun, and everything that we will consume will only be stored in reserve (in unnecessary fat). And in order for the body to recover faster, it is advisable to use FSC # 2 in the second half of daylight hours, when the recovery processes begin (drink water)

Unique features of Detox Elixir


This Elixir provides is also a tremendous support for the internal organs through which detoxification occurs. The kidneys are cleansed and the kidneys are protected. in case of intoxication with infections, they are strongly acidified, and water structured on FSC has a weakly alkaline reaction. The blood is purified, blood circulation in the tissues improves, and headaches quickly go away. Doctors know that it is very difficult to clear the lymph. FSC # 2 cleans the lymphatic drainage system, vascular system, liver. Relieves swelling and removes decay products, helps to tolerate chemotherapy and radiotherapy more easily, reduces joint pain. It is used for any inflammatory and infectious diseases, for poisoning (alcoholic, narcotic, etc.), incl. in the process of life, with edema, with all chronic diseases (with cardiovascular, genitourinary, gastrointestinal, endocrine diseases.

Functionality of Detox Elixir

Stimulates the elimination of toxins and toxins from the human body.

It has a capillary protective effect.

Normalizes the immune system.

Regulates metabolism.

Protects people from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields.

Improves mood, endurance and adaptability of people to the effects of adverse environmental factors.

The Recorded Vibrational Frequencies in Detox Elixer


A set of plant forms is recorded on the FSC:

Zhivitsa, in the composition of the resin of coniferous trees;

Composition of 20 herbs (to raise immunity and restore metabolism);

Preparation of 40 components (to restore immunity and metabolism); * Amaranth (leaves, inflorescences, oil);




Seaweed; -topinambur;

Iletsk salt, salt of the ancient sea;

Siberian balsam on honey from wild bees with the addition of Siberian herbs against tumors and other diseases of the thyroid gland.

The channel of Cosmic Theurgy “MAYA” BUL has been registered, designed to remove toxic substances from the body.

KFS (functional state corrector)- a device designed to protect against external aggressive electromagnetic radiation. The FSC manufacturing technology repeats the principles of organization of electromagnetic fields at the cellular level in a living organism. FSC records harmonious information that has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole or on its individual functions, figurative information in the rhythms of the Earth’s magnetic field and external cosmic radiation. As a result, FSCs are a synchronizer of the body’s internal rhythms with the rhythms of the external field, which is one of the main criteria for maintaining health. The FSC contains information, including for counteracting psychoenergetic influences, and neutralizing biopathogenic fields, since FSCs can correct the frequency characteristics of the Earth’s Hartmann grid (the lattice of force lines of the Earth’s acoustoelectric field).




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