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Vibrational Radiesthesia

Vibrational Radiesthesia

Radiesthesia describes an ability to detect radiation (energy), emitted by a person, animal, object or geographical feature.

“Radiesthesia is the science of using the vibrational fields of the human body to access information about other objects of animate or inanimate nature by establishing resonance with their energy fields, using specially calibrated instruments and a scale of qualitative measurement to decode this information.”  Dr. Ibraham Karim

The heart of my Biogeometry training, included mastering the use of special pendulums and Vibrational Radiesthesia.
Over the last several years, I was taught Biogeometry  and Vibrational Radiesthesia Dr. Robert Gilbert from Dr. Ibraham Karim &  Biogeometry,


For Additional Information about Radiesthesia, I’ve included it below:  

What is Radiesthesia?

Radiesthesia is the science of using the vibrational fields of the human body to access information about other objects of an animate or inanimate nature by establishing resonance with their energy fields, using special instruments or tools.

Radiesthesia or Dowsing is a method of investigation using a tool that allows us to generate all the power of our intuitive sense, our clairvoyance, basically all our vibratory perceptions.

What are the Radiesthesist’s tools?

– our body perceives the resonances (including the hands, which remain the best detection tool);

– the pendulum

– the rod (now they are more often made of soft metal or fibre). 

– Rad Masters (or parallel rods) 

– Lecher’s antenna

Remember this fact: All the tools we use are only the mediums used to highlight what the body perceives.

The word “radiesthesia” (from the Latin radius, “ray” and the Greek aisthêsis, “sensitivity”) is due to the abbots Bouly and Bayard. This term appeared when the “French and International Association of Friends of Dowsing” was created in Lille on 29 December 1929.

Radiesthesia how does it work?

Under the influence of various causes such as light, heat, sound, gravity, cosmic, electromagnetic and radioactive rays, chemical energy, disintegration, the action of thought or life, pressure, contact, affinity, color, etc., all objects and living beings emit radiation that create vibrational fields (also biofield or energetic field) that can be perceived and analyzed in order to obtain the information by others.

The universe is filled with different kind of radiations (vibrations) that go from their source of emission to other bodies and from these other bodies to the sources of radiation; that it is enough to be sensitive to these rays to be able to find the sources from which they emanate since they are characteristic of the thing from which they come.

But how do we manage to cope with this jumble of rays?

There are the laws of body resonance (mechanical, acoustic, electrical, optical and atomic resonance) in physics that explain our ability to sort through the radiation that interests us. In dowsing, we call this law: “the law alike or Similarity Law”, which guides us  to the limits of micro-vibratory phenomena.

A brief reminder of the principle of physical resonance
When someone sings in front of a silent piano, it can be observed that some strings of the piano vibrate in unison with the modulations of the voice; these strings are those that give the same notes as the voice or the harmonics of the voice.

The similarity law
In radiesthesia, it is observed that bodies, similar either in substance, shape or color, or in any other essential character, are in resonance.

Holding in your hand a very sensitive detector, such as a radiesthesia pendulum, let’s pass it between two similar bodies, for example between two brass weights of 100 grams each. We will have the impression that an invisible wall unites these two similar bodies and our pendulum will come up against this obstacle. This is because our two similar bodies are in resonance: they influence each other. The invisible wall against which our pendulum stumbles and hesitates is  the radiating line that unites them. In radiesthesia, this phenomenon is called the “radius of union”.

Your Resonance with an object or person

If you think of the object as an FSC, no matter where it is located, you will immediately connect with it. A ray of union is established between you and it. This ray is made up of your mental vibrations which can reach the object at any distance and the radiation characteristic of the body you are thinking of and which comes to you in return for the reaching of that object by your mental ray, in other words, by reacting to the contact of your thought with that object. If you have something in common with the vibration of the Functional State Corrector you are thinking about the resonance between you and the FSC will be established. Thus if you have a good perception you will understand that this FSC is beneficial to you. There are no known limits or obstacles to this phenomenon.

Here we propose for you the Radiestesia charts to facilitate your work using dowsing tools to choose the FSCs

What is a Chart or Cadran of radiesthesia?

A Cadran of Radiesthesia is an instrument often drawn as a semicircle with inscriptions inside. In our case, they consist of the names of the FSCs or series of FSCs.

We remind you that in order to use radiesthesia method you need to know how to:

  • Anchor and center into heart space, stillness, zero point.  
  • Use the pendulum, rodes etc.,  to decipher these movements
  • Correctly formulate the questions





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