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New Vibrational Radiesthesia “Gift of Fire” Elixir

The Gift of Fire Elixir contains a specific set of Energy Channels and healing frequencies that support optimal Health & Vitality.

Healing, Balancing Benefits of Application of Secrets of The Gift of Fire Elixir:

Withstand the influence of negative factors of uncertainty and chaotic events of life

Awaken the internal genome memory of the organism, bringing it into resonance with central nervous system activity, synchronizes with the human bio-field and plugs the individual into an energy-informational bank of the universe, greatly empowering and building new levels of defense

Be well-tuned, responsive and protected with a powerful energy shield

Remove and neutralize any non-sanctioned energy-informational intrusions, created to affect the person’s energy state, get rid of energy ties

Increase positive thoughts, feel love and gratitude

Clean ancestral lineage, help to eliminate negative family programs

On the core cellular-informational level, the Gift of Fire Elixir helps organisms to cope with various disorders and diseases, including:

Health diseases of the respiratory system

Addictive dependences of various kinds (alcoholism, smoking, over-eating, narcomania…)

​Gift of Fire» contains a set of energy channels in «combustion» mode: Perun, Ra and Ar.


Item: DLA-VRElixir-Gift-of-Fire
Item ID: DLA-VRElixir-Gift-of-Fire
Size: 4 0unce Bottle
Shipping & Handling $10.98

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