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New Vibrational Radiesthesia “Healthy Liver” Elixir

The Healthy Liver Elixir contains a specific set of Energy Channels and healing frequencies that support optimal healing, balance & function. .

Healing, Balancing Benefits of Application of  “Healthy Liver” Elixir

Promotes the correction and prevention of liver diseases of various types: viral, inflammatory, infectious, chemical.

Promotes the regeneration and restoration of hepatocytes (liver cells) in various liver diseases (hepatitis, cirrhosis, cholecystitis, cholangitis, etc.).

Facilitates the removal of intoxication when toxins of various origins enter the body or intra-organ synthesis (when taking medications, drinking alcohol, etc.) .P.).

Promotes detoxification of the body – the destruction of toxic products of protein metabolism and harmful substances absorbed in the intestines.

Promotes the restoration and regulation of protein (including amino acid), fat, carbohydrate, lipid, nitrogen metabolism in the body; the formation in the liver of protein complexes with fats (lipoproteins), carbohydrates (glycoproteins) and carrier complexes of certain substances vital for the body (for example, transferrin, an iron carrier).

Promotes the restoration of the physiological daily rhythm of secretory processes in hepatocytes: during the day – the secretion of bile, at night – the synthesis of glycogen.

Helps to eliminate dyspeptic symptoms in violation of the liver and gallbladder (alternation of indigestion and constipation, nausea, vomiting, taste distortion, impaired appetite, as well as in the presence of a bitter taste in the oral cavity in the morning or after eating)

Promotes the assimilation, storage and synthesis of vitamins in the body, especially A, D, E and group B; various trace elements necessary for the process of hematopoiesis (iron, copper, cobalt, etc.)

Promotes the restoration of liver cells that form substances necessary for blood clotting (prothrombin, fibrinogen), as well as a number of substances that slow down this process (heparin, antiplasmin) and thus restores the processes of hematopoiesis in the body.

Promotes restoration and renewal of skin, hair, nails; elimination of the yellow color of the skin and mucous membranes.

Protects the immune system of the human body and maintains the immune status at the physiological level.

Indications of the FSC “GEPAVITA”

FSC “GEPAVITA” is necessary for all people suffering from liver diseases of various origins; pregnant women with cholestasis associated with intrahepatic bile stasis. With increased loads while taking medications, when passing therapy for the correction of withdrawal symptoms (with alcohol, drug intoxication) FSC “GEPAVITA” effectively interacts with FSC # 1, 2, 5, “AMARANT”, “NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC”, “SPRING OF LAM”, “LIVING”, “OLGIR”, “SPRING OF SHAMBALA”.

What is written on the FSC “GEPAVITA”

The polarization of the spring (Mongolia) is registered at the FSC “GEPAVITA”.
The water structuring time at the FSC is at least 1 hour.



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